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Fans/Swamp Coolers for Rent

Keep your event cool and comfortable with our efficient fans and swamp coolers, perfect for beating the heat on those hot days. Easy to set up and essential for maintaining a pleasant atmosphere.
Professional delivery to Raceland, LA, Thibodaux, LA and surrounding areas. Please submit a quote or contact us to be sure we service your area.

When the heat turns relentless, beat it back with our trusty Fans and Swamp Coolers. Perfect for outdoor parties, spacious events, or stuffy indoor gatherings, these cooling solutions ensure your guests stay refreshed. Swamp coolers pump out a cool breeze by evaporating water, ideal for dry heat. Meanwhile, our robust fans circulate air effectively, improving comfort and air quality. Easy to set up and operate, they promise a smooth and chilled experience, no matter how hot it gets.